Plasmalift is a revolutionary skin tightening procedure that is an alternative to invasive surgical cosmetic

procedures, with reduced recovery time and without potential complications that can arise before and after surgery.   

Plasmalift is a minimally invasive treatment that uses a device fitted with a tiny needle  that creates a plasma gas when brought close to the skin, thus, vaporizing a pinpoint spot on the skin, resulting in instant tightening and firming. The heat created, travels down into the dermal layer of the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production.  As these essential "youth fibers" multiply, the skin plumps and renews itself. You will notice a change immediately, but will not see final results for 1 to 2 months, as the area is still healing and collagen and elastin are still multiplying and rising to the surface to create fuller, firmer skin.

Results are comparable to botox, with longer lasting results and cosmetic surgery, at a fraction of the cost.


How long will results last?

Results are permanent, with the caveat that we will continue to age, so the better we take care of our skin, the longer lasting our results will be.  


Carbon "dots" will form over the first couple of days post treatment. With proper care, these dots will start to slough off on their own in 3-5 days. In most cases, all of them will be gone after 7 days.  You will receive an aftercare sheet with detailed directions.  It is imperative to follow post care instructions to ensure proper healing.


Full Face                         $2000

Neck  Lift                        $999

Mid Face                         $899

Nasolabial  Folds          $350

Top Lip                            $299

Bottom Lip                      $299

Top & Bottom Lip          $500

Marionette/Chin           $399

Upper Eyelids                $499

Lower Eyelid                  $499

Upper & Lower Eyelid  $850

Forehead Lines              $500

Frown Lines (11's)           $199                     

Brow Lift                          $299

Crows Feet                      $399          

Body Treatments           Consult Required

Maximum results require 1-3 treatments depending on the condition of the skin in the area to be treated