Eyelash Extension Care

Learning proper eyelash care is of extreme importance if you wish to keep your extensions fresh looking and full. Here are some instructions on how to care for your new look. Hope you find them helpful!

First, PLEASE wait 24 to 48 hours after your appointment before getting your lashes wet. The adhesive needs this time to cure and create a strong bond between the extension and the natural lash.

You should brush your lashes with the mascara wand your lash stylist gave you at your appointment. Do this in the morning and at night with a light touch. Always on dry lashes. It will keep your lashes fresh and fluffy.

Cleanse your lashes 2 to 3 times per week with an oil free lash shampoo. Your extensionist should have the right product for you.

Only oil free cleansers and moisturizers should be used around your lashes, as the oils in these products will break down the adhesive used to attach the lashes. This will result in lashes falling off prematurely.

Never use waterproof mascara on your extensions. If you feel the need for mascara at all, be sure to use a water based (oil free!) brand. If your lash girl (or guy) doesn't carry one for you, here are 3 safe options:

Bad Gal by Benefit

Better Than Sex by Too Faced

Naturally Glossy by Clinique

Remember to treat your lashes right. They'll love you for it and will stay longer! Soon, I'll post a video on cleansing your lashes with a brush and lash shampoo--assuming I can figure out how...stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, and have a Beautiful Day!

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